FISHBONES Thick Cuts - V2C2 XR/Plus Front/Rear Concave

FISHBONES Thick Cuts - V2C2 XR/Plus Front/Rear Concave

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Our C2 size is NOW available!!  

2mm or roughly 10 degrees in pitch difference from our V2C1 size Fishbones! 

The next generation of custom concave has arrived... now in stunning colors to match the beauty of your ride, your board, or your stoke.

Made from an extremely durable (indestructible while riding), composted commercially (eco-friendly), and dynamic material, slap a couple of these on the side of your foot pads to feel the enormous benefits of being fully locked in while still being able to adjust your foot. 

Now boasting the lightest front to back, 360 degree concave with the least amount of board modification needed, Version 2 FISHBONES;

- give you crazy amounts of control over your board

- won't break

- won't chip

- will protect sensor and footpad

- NO modification needed. Apply directly to grip

- softer than plastics and better for the environment 

- perfect for barefoot riding

- doesn't add height the original footpads 

- allows for superior carving

- reduced Capt Morganing

- will not ghost your board like most solutions out there 

- take drops, bonks, and slides with confidence

- fantastic for small feet!

And of course on top of this you get 60 days to ride these and try to break them. If you break them, we will replace them! Just send us the broken ones back so we can figure out how you actually did it!!