The QUIVER - All 3 Sets of FISHBONES ™ with ConCAGE Tech
C1 Fishbone for Onewheel concave
C2 Fishbone for Onewheel concave
C3 Fishbone for Onewheel concave
The QUIVER - All 3 Sets of FISHBONES ™ with ConCAGE Tech

The QUIVER - All 3 Sets of FISHBONES ™ with ConCAGE Tech

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With 9 total configurations for concave customization for your Onewheel, this is our marquee offering! 

We designed this system with the same concept of snowboarding and skiing "quivers"--versatility for the conditions of the day, except in our case on demand and in the field. With 9 possible concave configurations for the front, having all 3 sets of FISHBONES™ with ConCAGE Tech--C1/Low, C2/Mid, and C3/Heavy--allows you to transform your front footpad into whatever concave shape you need in order to optimize every ride. You can even change it up as your ride demands! Carry your QUIVER safely and conveniently in the QUIVER Bag provided, along with a space for your Filet Card Tool. 

WE HAVE TRIED ALL SORTS OF CONFIGURATIONS and love to experiment. We find new favorites every few floats. Maybe you love the more locked-in feel of C3/Heavy Toe Side lift and C2/Mid Heel lift for cruising the streets but really NEED freedom in your foot for those gnarly singletrack downhills like the Wheelbillies in Asheville, or those incredible California Sierra Mountain Trail Riders in a way that C1/Low allows while still offering an unparalleled control that has never before been possible on your board. And best of all, once you come off the trail for the stoke-filled cruise to the bar--change 'em out to your favorite combo for those longboard-style carves. It's your call--FIND YOUR FISH!

Each quiver order of FISHBONES™ with ConCAGE Tech comes with:

- All 3 Sets of FISHBONES™ with ConCAGE Tech

- A Filet Card to remove your FISHBONES™ 


- Extra Snap N Flo (plus you'll have more additional pairs from your extra sets)

- Instructions