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Pint Manta Ray
Pint Manta Ray

Pint Manta Ray

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The MOTHER of all Pint Footpads is here now!!!  - Cheapest Option for front to back pads! 

Front Range Float Designs is PROUD to bring you Pint MANTA RAY for your OneWheel. 

Make your foot fatigue a thing of the past, gain ultimate control over your OneWheel, and change your experience. 

Your Pint Footpad is now just 5mm skinnier than an XR pad, no "mod", no warranty break, no sacrifice of footpad needed to utilize this piece of equipment. 

Proven time and again to be the safest option when modifying your front footpad  

Use the Code: “MantaRayPair” to get your second Manta Ray for 35% off (when purchasing a pair) 

- Wide Footpad comparable to XR

- Discount on 2

- Eliminate/reduce foot fatigue

- Sharper Turns

- Locked in Control

- Greater Sensor Activation

- MOST control of any front or back footpad on the market

- Cheapest front to back solution on the OneWheel market


What You Get:

- 1 or 2 Manta Ray(s) Footpads in Black with Jessup Grip 

- Instructions Card

- Cleaning Tool

- Stickers 


Manta Ray is Shipping on or before March 1st, 2020 in limited supply. All inventory is first come first serve. Back orders take roughly 7-10 days to ship if not sooner. If you have questions regarding your order the best is to have your order tracked by USPS. Emails will be answered in 48 hours or less. 

**use at your own risk. The product has been designed for and tested for safety however the rider understands that modifying a pressure based sensor comes with inherent risk. 

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