We have created FISHBONES to have the highest level of quality beginning with a design by one of our community's foremost design engineers. Then we put the product in the hands of some of the most respected and avid riders in our community. They assisted us in identifying some hidden problems with our beta-material and design. Next, we upgraded the design and materials until we could put a stamp of confidence on our product that we can stand behind. 


1) Kyle "West Coast LandPirate" Taylor. The King of Slide himself.

2) Josh Phelan: An OG Wheelbilly, and trail shredder with few equals.

3) Bradley Michael Spence: Designer, shredder, marketing wizard.

4) Joon Kim: The undisputed heavyweight of long-distance rides and even longer-distance stoke. "LMAO" is a single key on his keyboard.

5) Sean Nelson: King of Curbs, Phatt Daddy, and a great mechanical mind who got us to understand how to better perfect our product.


The key to our patent-pending design is the slight (1.2 mm) elevation to the teeth. Everyone working on Onewheel front concave so far has understandably been thinking in 2D. Ric Miller's genius is that he went to the third dimension to avoid sensor interference. This concept has remained the same throughout the design process and both versions of Fishbones. Eventually, for FISHBONES V2, we found a material called Flex PLA which allows for the most comfort and best sensitivity. We're a detail-oriented team, and we're driven by a desire for perfection. We hope you enjoy your FISHBONES.