**DISCLAIMER: These instructions are for the Snap N Flow System. The new HBA 2.0 system works EXACTLY the same except you CANNOT remove your Fishbones or Pint Guppies without applied heat**


Congratulations! You are about to FIND YOUR FISH!

  • The most important thing about Fishbones installation is curing time and pressure. Please WATCH THESE INSTRUCTIONS videos to be sure that your Fishbones are properly installed on your Onewheel footpad. 


BEFORE BEGINNING--Ensure that the edges of your front pad are free of “mash-up” damage from slamming into curbs or walls. If the wood on your front pad is banged up or has “mash-up” damage, use a metal file or heavy grade sandpaper to smooth it out along the edges. WE RECOMMEND STARTING WITH CLEAN, FRESH GRIP TAPE, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE FRESH CLEAN GRIP TAPE, WE RECOMMEND TAKING A CLOTH AND BLOTTING THE GRIP WITH ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 

 FIG. 1


 NOTE: Removal is ONLY for Snap N Flo. Please DO NOT try to "upzip" your HBA!!!


1) REMOVAL: See Fig. 2. Use the Filet Card to “unzip” your Fishbones. Starting at the bottom (nearest your wheel), gently and slowly work the Filet Card in-between the Snap N Flo pieces. Use a gentle slicing motion while sliding the Filet Card upward and your Fishbones will “unzip.” You may find upon unzipping your Fishbone the first time that your Snap N Flo overhangs the edge of the grip a bit. You should run your thumb along the overhanging portion to press it down to the wood and solidify the connection.

FIG. 2


Additional Snap N Flo attachment strips are provided in your kit, and on our website for purchase.

Your SnapNFlo strips may degrade after 300-400 miles, just like grip tape. If your SnapNFlo strips begin to fail, you can peel them off the board as well as the Fishbones. Replace with new SnapNFlo. Your kit comes with one extra set, and you may order additional sets at


  • 30-day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee: We will refund the retail cost you paid (less shipping and handling) for any reason. You must return the entire product to us and the package must be postmarked within 30 days of the date you received your Fishbones.
  • Warranty: This product carries no express or implied warranty. Your Fishbones are tough. Email us if you have problems:
  • Disclaimer and Assumption of Risk: Use this product at your own risk. Misuse can result in injury or death. Onewheels can be dangerous and riding them can result in injury or death. You assume all risk and liability by using this product. By using this product, you agree to hold the manufacturer (Front Range Float Designs, LLC) harmless and free from all liability.
  • This design is Patent-Pending and protected by law and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Any unauthorized use of this product can and will result in legal action including but not limited to injunctive relief as well as civil money damages.

For detailed YouTube videos, please click HERE