(BUNDLE 360° Wrap) 2x Fishbones (V2) and 2x FishKicks
(BUNDLE 360° Wrap) 2x Fishbones (V2) and 2x FishKicks
(BUNDLE 360° Wrap) 2x Fishbones (V2) and 2x FishKicks
(BUNDLE 360° Wrap) 2x Fishbones (V2) and 2x FishKicks

(BUNDLE 360° Wrap) 2x Fishbones (V2) and 2x FishKicks

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Fully wrap your entire board in Fishbones products. Bundle 2x Fishbones (V2) and a FishKick and receive your 2nd FishKick free. This allows for a 360° front and rear concave shaping. 

This is our favorite way to ride! Complete the concave wrap on the FRONT AND BACK of your Onewheel. Slapping Fishbones (V2) with a FishKick on the stock tail is the least expensive, most lightweight tail shape out there. Without even turning a screw, you can add a concave tail at a fraction of the weight of other aftermarket tail solutions. Pair it with the same concave wrap on the front, and your board is in perfect carving equilibrium. The feedback from your feet is in perfect balance, and you can really find your inner fish.
Read more here about the FishKick advantage!

Fishbones (V2) is designed specifically for the Onewheel V1, XR, and Plus–and ARE compatible with Flight Fins. If you don’t ride with Flight Fins, you should consider the Fishbones Barracudas. Using the proven concave system of the Fishbones design, Fishbones (V2) are attachable front-to-back accessories that will transform the way you ride! Like all our products, we designed the Fishbones (V2) with patent-pending off-sensor technology to provide a safe, comfortable ride. Try Fishbones (V2) now to feel increased control—while carving, standing, in motion, or performing tricks. 

Key Features

  • Significantly enhances the carving potential of your board
  • Compatible with Flight Fins
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • May be used on the front sensor or the tail of your Onewheel V1/Plus/XR
  • Protects the Onewheel V1/Plus/XR footpad
  • Uses patent-pending off-sensor technology
  • Provides the lightest-weight ride on the market
  • Increases overall control

Order Contents

  • Two sets of Fishbones (V2): (2 left and 2 right usable on the front or rear)
  • Two FishKicks
  • Installation Instructions and Fillet Tool
  • Fishbones Swag, including a reflective rail sticker

Product Notes

  • Fishbones (V2) are designed to be used with the Onewheel V1, Plus, or XR; this product is not compatible with the Pint
  • Fishbones (V2) are eligible for our warranty program
  • Using the Fishbones (V2) will not impact Onewheel warranty conditions

Use this product at your own risk. The product has been designed for and tested for safety; however, the rider understands that modifying a pressure-based sensor comes with inherent risks.

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