What's new with FISHBONES?

V2 Fishbones - Unbreakable and Responsive

In FISHBONES new teaser, watch the 2018 Float Life Fest Street Comp Champion Racheal "Diesel" Cecil demo V2s to see what makes them stand out!

To get the most control out of your OneWheel, look no further than Fishbones!

Version 2 FISHBONES™ - The Features You're Looking For

*Cushy material for maximum sensor engagement and comfort

*11 colors - personalize your board and match your other favorite accessories

*Adds virtually no weight to your board -- lightest concave solution on the market

*Super-easy install, no tools required, don't even turn a screw

*Easily removable--no voiding of warranty

*Universally compatible with all Flight Fenders, SideWinders, etc...


*Made and Manufactured in the USA

*Recyclable/Compost Materials

*Designed by Riders For Riders